MF-FB07-Yu VS Qiao(custom)

This is a custom video. Customized content includes actresses, dress, plots, fighting actions, etc. Yu(short) tried to help her boyfriend. She decided to take part in an unfair boxing match to get a higher prize.She chose a fighter—Qiao(tall), who was much taller than her.This match was more cruel than Yu thought, because Qiao didn’t play […]

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MF-FB00-Kaolian VS Ling

Note: This was the first video we shot, but because one of the actresses didn’t cooperate very well, it was not a good video. We didn’t release it at the first time. But some customers said they would like to see Ling in the video. Because she looks hot in the picture on the front

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MF-MB01-Dudu VS Chuan(custom)

This is a custom video. Customized content includes actresses, dress,MMA gloves,belly punching,fighting actions, etc. The custom requirement:no plot,few face punch,more belly punching. Dudu and Chuan started a fight directly. In the beginning, Chuan didn’t use full force attack. He wanted to enjoy the game and didn’t want to end it soon. So he only attacked

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MF-FB06-Ahui VS Xi(custom)

This is a custom video. Customized content includes actresses, dress, plots, fighting actions, etc. The relationship between ahui and Xi has been bad since childhood. They met during the job interview. They had a heated argument. The boss suggested that they duel in the ropes. Whoever wins will get the job… Preview: Format:MP4 Size:1.08GB Resolution:1920×1080,fps:30

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MF-FB05-Xinxi VS Xiaodie

Xinxi (green gloves) and Xiaodie (red gloves) had a dispute at the elevator entrance. Because they were all learning boxing, even if they were beginners, they decided to solve problems in the ropes… Preview: Format:MP4 Size:783MB Resolution:1920×1080,fps:30 Duration:24m44s

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MF-FB03-Yajun VS Chui

Chui is a novice fitness coach. She has a great figure. She is going to challenge a boxer, Yajun, for a $10000 prize. Yajun is a proud boxer. She looks very strong as a lady. She looks down on Chui very much. Preview: Format:MP4 Size:1.04GB Resolution:1920×1080,fps:30 Duration:32m29s Buy now

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MF-FB02-Ziyue VS Dudu

The boxers fighting for $10000 this time are Ziyue (red gloves) and Dudu (white gloves). They all seem to be here for the bonus. Ziyue likes sports, so she looks stronger. Although Dudu says she doesn’t love sports, she seems to have been involved in street fighting. The result of this boxing match is unpredictable…

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MF-FB01-Tian VS Agan

Tian(white gloves) and Agan(red golves) were participating in a boxing match. The winner will get ten thousand dollars. Agan often exercises, and Tian’s body looks stronger. They started with a fierce attack. You can see their faces being punched out of shape. They were punched to spit. It was definitely a wonderful boxing match. Preview:

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